About Us

About Us

Summit Multimedia is proficient in directing our passion of photography, video, and graphics to suit your unique needs. We have years of experience and multiple relationships with clients who favor us over and over again for their multimedia solutions. We aren’t set in our own ways, but strive to help you pick the newest way to present an object or idea over various media to your specific target audience.

Summit Multimedia is rooted in the summit of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but we branch out across the United States and have completed projects internationally as well.

I believe each person has a God-given passion, and when we pursue such in our daily lives, we will succeed in anything we set our heart on. For this reason, I believe Summit Multimedia succeeds in any media related endeavor we pursue as a company.

I would like to title God as the ultimate CEO of Summit Multimedia as we are Christian owned and operated. In effort to give thanks to Him for the blessings He provides, we also like to give back. Whether investing our talents in time or aiding financially, we like to contribute a portion of each project to a particular Christian ministry.

I am honored that you are considering Summit Multimedia for any HD production and look forward to helping you further in producing a product that is specific to you!


Matthew 19:26,

Jonathan Huffman
Entrepreneur (+CEO)
Summit Multimedia